6 Secrets How You Can Soundproof Your Home

While choosing your home fabrics, furniture, lightings on the basis of your comfort quotient it is likely that you easily overlook one influential thing, that is SOUNDPROOFING.

Why soundproof your home?

Nothing zaps your quietude right away than the sound of a honking car outside your home or a noisy neighbor above you. Thanks to those host of ear-splitting machines, feather-light home construction, open floor plans, and entertainment gear, making houses noisier than ever. At a times it is unbearable unless you equip your house with some soundproofing. You also believe that a noise-free and peaceful home is a happy home, Right? But the soundproofing equipment is quite ugly.

Now, don’t worry!! There are a plethora of home décor adoptions that will neither be skimping on the style but your home will absorb excess noise.

Learn how to muffle all those maddening noises at home…

Tricks with Rugs: stop foot traffic from becoming a nuisance. Echo of footsteps is extra loud on uncovered floors. The smart option is to cover the floors with carpets, rugs or runners. Throw down some thick rugs and see the magic. Well Placed runners in high traffic area are good to muffle those pesky sounds.

soundproof your home
Place thick rugs and muffle those pesky sounds!

Hardcore interior Door: When it comes to blocking the sound, the doors of your home might not cut it. Right? You know why is it so? Because the doors in the interior of the house are hollow. Doors made of solid wood are more effective in working as a sound barrier. Also, the gaps in the door let a lot of sound through therefor fill the gap with a draft stopper.

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Block out sounds from cracked windows: Noise slips through your cracked windows. Replace them with triple pane glass or weather strip them by filling in any gaps or cracks with an acoustic caulk seal. These do wonders to soundproof your home. Acoustic panel absorbs sound before they bounce off the walls or ceilings.

Soundproof your home
Fill the gaps in the windows using acoustic caulk seal!

Weatherproof the front door: When there are big gaps around your main door you are likely to hear even the drop of the pin from the comfort of your sofa. Sealing these gaps and leaks will quiet the noise, use a thick rubber strip to add a door sweep. This will not only make your home soundproof but also dust and bugs proof.

Hanging curtains hangs the noise out of your home: After adding door sweeps at the front door you can add another layer of padding to make your home sound proof. A layer of heavy blackout draperies helps to captivate any noise that breaks through the door. Curtains are not the only pro at keeping the sun out of your house but also good to muffle away the maddening noise from outside.

use curtains to soundproof your home
Curtain adds a layer of padding to break outside noise!

Reduced Noise reflection: Noise is reflected off the hard surfaces like ceilings, floors, walls etc and add to the level of noise in the room. Reduce these sound reflections by covering the bare walls and even ceilings with something soft like rubber textile mats on the walls or shag rug on the ceiling. This will grip the rackets from the next units and also make pliable annoying noises.

Before you reach the verge of calling police because someone in your enclave is listening to dubstep at 200 decibels, soundproof your home using the tricks given above and stop fearing missing another night’s sleep.





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