Why not Internet of Things (IOT) ?


This title might sound to you like a perfect clickbait title, and yes it will tempt you because this is the next big thing which has the potential to make your life so very easy. Internet of things started picking up its pace since the mid of 2016, with various smart devices and equipment manufactured by big-shots such as Google, Amazon flooding the market.

Home Automation System(WHAS) using IOT is an amalgam of hardware and software particulars that can control most of the basic home functions and features automatically with the help of internet from anywhere around the globe, such kind of homes can be referred to as a smart home. It is meant to make lives more convenient but more importantly save power.

For the last 5-6 years, the Internet of Things has been a subject of debate, expectations and forecasts. Analysts have reiterated time and again that IOT’s, could transform the lives of the masses more dramatically than one could even imagine. Smart home solutions consist of a set of devices that are connected to each other and to the internet also, which in turn can automatically respond to preset disruptions and anomalies, thus being accessible remotely via mobile apps or a browser, and send alerts or messages to the concerned user.

Let’s go through some cases to show you the impact of IOT’S on the homes of the masses –

  • Suppose you run out of milk and you don’t remember to replenish the stock, your fridge will send you an alert to your cellular device reminding you to stop by the store when you return from office.
  • Your home security system, which already enables you to remotely control your locks and thermostats, can cool down your home and open your windows, based on your preferences.

The technology is still imperfect, a lot of work has to be done to integrate the services on smartphones. The lack of standardisation means that gadgets from different firms cannot communicate with each thus reducing the dynamism of home automation.


In recent years, wireless systems like Wi-Fi have become more and more common in home networking. Also in homes and buildings, the use of wireless automation technologies gives several advantages that could not be achieved using a wired network only.

1) Reduced installation costs: First and foremost, installation costs are significantly reduced since no cabling is necessary. Wired solutions require cabling, which automatically tends to get expensive.

2) System scalability and easy extension: Deploying a wireless network is especially advantageous when, due to new or changed requirements, extension of the network is necessary. This makes wireless installations a fantastic investment.

3) Aesthetical benefits: Apart from covering a larger area, this attribute helps to full aesthetical requirements as well.

4) Integration of mobile devices: With wireless networks, associating mobile devices such as PDAs and Smartphones with the automation system becomes possible everywhere and at any time, as a device & exact physical location is no longer crucial for a connection (as long as the device is in reach of the network). For all these reasons, wireless technology is more preferred and hence is not only an attractive choice in renovation and refurbishment, but also for new installations too.

Devices that are easy to install and offer specific benefits are gaining popularity, such as motion sensors that send alerts the concerned user when windows and doors are opened. Similarly, cameras to monitor activity can also do a whole lot good. Some devices, such as smart smoke detectors, are currently being used in homes because insurance companies offer financial incentives for using them. The smart-home sector is very dynamic in nature, startups and big firms bet that the hesitancy in investing in this genre is temporary and won’t last long. But consumer apathy has forced firms to rethink their strategies and how they might woo customers.

IOT is the next big thing to happen in the real estate market; homes will get smarter and thus make lives of common people easier and stress-less. After the technological advances mankind is truly reaping the benefits of investing in educational and technology.

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