How a Newly-Wed Decorated Their New Home from Scratch

Getting married is turning a new leaf in life, a heavenly union of two souls, filled with new endeavors and experiences to cherish it for the rest of the life. A marriage widens the outlook of both the individuals and also teaches one another of the nits and bits about the other’s personality.

An individual before getting married has very minimal things to worry about regarding utility furniture as one is least bothered about all these minute yet important details. Most newly-marrieds are obviously confused when it comes to setting up their house and doing the interiors of it. Now it’s totally up to the choices of the two individuals to strike a balance and incorporate ideas of both the worlds to transform the house into a heavenly abode filled with joy and innovation.

Some cues to make a home brighter, trendier and in sync with the personality of the couple are-

  • Theme of your choice
  • Design it right
  • Furniture with low maintenance
  • Trend watch

So, here is the tale how I decorated the house of my dreams along with the man of the house. The first place to focus should definitely be the BEDROOM after all this is the place where we would be finishing our day. This room should be the first one that a newly married couple should look into if he/ she wants to re-decorate the place.

The web might give you the immense number of ideas, tips, tricks etc. about decorating the bedroom, but honestly, it all depends on the personality and the preferences that one reserves. The ultimate objective of the bedroom should be that it exudes immense positivism and comfort.

Then comes a very practical and an important decision boils down to the choice of the bed that a couple tends to obtain. The ambiguity of choosing between a king and a queen size left me and the man of the house having numerous dual thoughts.

So the bed is basically based upon the space factor, i.e. the amount of space that bedroom is spread out on and also the preference of the king and queen who will be residing at this paradise. Secondarily and a very interesting tussle that requires some planning is reaching a common conclusion on the color scheme of the contents of the bedroom between the man of the house and the lady.

For example, the solid burnt brown color bed compliments perfectly the presence of bright red and white curtains. A soothing color combination is a key to achieve an elegant touch to his and her world. Thirdly, the presence of practical and useful peripherals such as side tables, exquisite table lamps, and plants to enable the circulation of fresh air 24/7 is very well appreciated.

The mixing and matching of both traditional and contemporary styles compliment the attractiveness that a home décor item imparts. For instance presence of cushions with prints of the city that the couple belongs from imparts a striking and a very homely touch.

Then we moved to our living room as the second and arguably the most used place that house has is the LIVING ROOM. Even here it is very important that a newlywed couple doesn’t make this area a clumsy den filled with various furniture. A clutter-free zone with the usage of multi-dimensional furniture is very much appreciated by present-day couples especially the ones staying in mega cities. For instance, the usage of sofa-cum-bed is a wonderful idea as it can serve for two very elaborate purposes. After all, the man of the house usually prefers to keep the living room a little sophisticated while the lady prefers it to be a little sassy.

My ideas for decorating our living room wasn’t cluttered and pricey at all. What I and man of the house did is a little bit of search over the web and we got really good deal on on few small pieces.

That’s not just it! I wanted to add a little spice to the living as something was still missing and then we thought of filling up space with a wooden masterpiece. A very unique and instrumental implementation of space is the usage of the bar-cum-coffee table which is currently trending in home décor items.

For instance, a bohemian wood finished bar cabinet in the shape of a boat would increase the grandeur of the living room and keep it practical at the same time as it can be used as a coffee table. Also, the practice of using wall hanging shelves give ample space to decorate the room with exquisite liquor bottles as well as artifacts to give it a fancy touch.

After all, as the CEO of Houseey says ‘Home is where the heart is’, a home is a comfy and unique nest to reside and cherish all the sweet memories of a new phase of life.

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