Investing In The Hills- Risky or a Profitable Experience?

It’s important to prepare for the future. There are many ways to go ahead with this. However, investing in the property market is sure to reap formidable returns as the experience is long-term and one time in nature. Unlike any other product purchase which is short-term and which needs to be replenished from time to time, real estate investments are purchase decisions which would serve as an extra income and you can provide for your loved ones when they are in need. Talking about Bangalore, the property market is witnessed tremendous development as the city enjoys beautiful climate and provided high-paying jobs in the IT market. It’s a common trend that we as residents would want to lead our lives enveloped by lush green surroundings and a secluded environment after a tiring days work. However, everything has its shortcomings. For instance, partnering with start-up real estate brokers is definitely a risky move as expectations set most of the times aren’t met. This has indeed led to the downfall of the property market for the past 5-10 years. With regulatory bodies like RERA into the picture, the real estate market had become more uniform and followed a much more standardized approach. Yes, we all live in this urban society where we work and provide for our own families. Is it really worthwhile to accumulate the money from our monthly income or deposit in the savings account in order to accomplish our foreseeable goals or is it wise to watch our money go as we strategize our priorities? These are some questions that would concern residents because as newbies to the property market, anyone would be on the backfoot and could possibly employ a skeptical approach. Things have changed for the better now. There are advisers in the market who have customers interest in heart and who provide realty services so potential investors can have hassle-free investment experience.

Dwell amongst natural wonders- Sounds good?

Now, would one like to gather up on assets like a property purchase right here in the city or where nature invites? Would you be content to invest in a city which is always busy or put your hard-earned money in areas that seem pleasant, which is pollution free and what you see is natural, what you see is a wonder? We understand that this is inviting for sure. However, there are many aspects involved as investing in hill stations isn’t as easy as it looks like. Let’s have a look at some pointers that might help you decide better and smarter.

Analyze the tourism trend

As great as it sounds, investing in hill stations can turn out tricky as well. There is a huge price difference when we compare buying property in the city as opposed to renting out properties in hill destinations. It is of utmost importance that we analyze the property market as it gives us an idea of what the future holds for us. Having a pre-determined approach that investing in hill stations is as easy than a “walk in the park” is a wrong way to go about it. It is also crucial that to interpret and anticipate the tourism trend of the destination you are willing to invest in. If you are planning to stay in the city while you have property in a serene location like Munnar, it is important that you prepare of how the tourism season works. This takes careful planning and precision to get to the crux of guaranteed returns in the future.

Be aware of property laws in hill stations- Avoid getting tricked out

There are specific laws in every location that you plan to invest in. As opposed to urban localities, investing in hill stations can be very different. There are locations wherein only the locals are allowed to buy property and rent out space. This should be carefully looked at as if you put your money in such locations without knowing the rules, things could get very dicey. Also, according to the government, there are mandatory regulations where residents aren’t supposed to build apartments or home-stays which could affect the ecology or the eco-friendliness of the region. By establishing residential structures in these grounds may attract heavy fines.

Pick a location that helps you move and travel with ease

Doesn’t it feel like a dream when you have a home in the midst of natural bound resources, pristine water bodies which are surrounded by hills? Before jumping to such conclusions, potential investors should make sure they pick a location which is closer to other prominent locations to avail civic amenities and in most situations, basic supplies. Also, overall connectivity to the nearest city and other landmarks is an added advantage.

To conclude, it is a safe bet to consider investing in hill stations as rental benefits are plenty and you can even head down there for your weekend get-away!

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