Which Floor Shall I Buy….???

Confused About Opting The Floor To Reside?

Buying a flat in an apartment or in a gated community project is a common and trending buying pattern of the potential investors. Gone are the days when people were choosing to live in an independent house since they are choosing to move to a vertical living in apartments. While moving to the apartment living concept, it brings in confusion, that which floor is comfortable for the best living.

Each floor has its own positives and negatives, let’s explore how to choose the floor you need to buy.

Builders across the country are coming up with affordable, luxurious, super-luxurious and ultra-luxurious residential high rise buildings to offer a wide choice to the potential and aspiring buyers.

So when you are in the final stage of selecting the floor, know that the price structure varies for each and every floor. Determining which floor to choose might be quite challenging when analyzing the pros and cons. Choose the floor keeping in mind yourself and your family.

Consider these conditions too while you choose the floor

Keep in mind if any of your family members has Acrophobia. Acrophobia is also referred to as Vertigo which is fear for heights. Chances are there that the person might feel dizzy seeing or feeling heights while looking down.

If you have senior citizens residing with you or some people using the wheelchair, movement becomes tough for these elderly citizens. In the times of unpredicted natural calamities like the earthquake or any other conditions rushing down the stairs immediately will turn to be the most difficult task.

Before reserving your unit make sure the flat is not prone to structural defaults like dampness in wall, water supply issues, oozing of paint off the wall and a proper drainage system.

Why buyers choose the top-floor units

The freshness of the natural breeze and light are priceless: As you choose the high rise floors the pollution level will naturally be low and can enjoy the seamless fresh air along with optimum ventilation for healthy living. Lower rise floors are bound to face the lack of ventilation problem and are dependent on the electricity round the clock.

Precious and peaceful view of the surroundings: Rooftop, skyline are some of the words we hear for the open access to the ultimate-calm living under the sky. Top floor buyers have the privilege to sip the morning coffee and evening tea having the best glimpse of sunrise and sunsets along with the view of entire township and locality.

choose the floor
Peaceful serene view if you choose top floors!

Privacy valued high: High rise floors shall be a great source of escape from the noise and the sound of horns of the traffic reality of the city. You can also be away from the banging and running around sounds from the above floors. If staying in the entrance of the apartment ensure that sound-proofing measures are done if privacy is your priority.

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Menace free for the best living: Hygienic routine is the essential part of healthy living. The intrusion of rodents and stray animals can be avoided if staying on higher floors. Mainly the mosquitoes that is the medium of spreading of deadly diseases seen abundant in the developing cities can be completely avoided if opting top floors.

Buying lower floors?

Ease of movement: If you want to access any amenities or have to head out, lower floors are perfect for easy reach. You can easily reach your parking area or security desk as per your conveyance.

Home in your budget: higher floor you move high will be the price of the unit. Almost 50 – 100 rupees increase per square feet as you move up. To save your pocket you can choose the floor at lower ground.

Nearer to Greener world: the park, walking path, jogging tracks as well as the landscaped gardens maintained in the property are nearer for the nature lover.

Pet-friendly: You pet can move freely and without disturbing others. If you are a pet lover then lower floors are the best place for stay. Since many properties do not allow pets inside elevators or in play areas.

Rental demands throughout the year: Due to various reasons according to studies the lower floors are the preferred place for the tenants to choose the home and hence the demand for rent is always high.

Hence while opting your dream property analyses your needs and requirements and then choose the floor to live.

Happy housing!!

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