Auspicious Home Directions As Per Vastu!

There is a one line interesting story. It is said that Lord Brahma asked Vishwakarma to develop an architectural system involving all the “Panch Mahabhut” which are the basic five elements air, water, earth, fire and space. To give importance to all basic elements, follow home directions as per vastu. A house is constructed and the rooms are connected in such a way which gives places for all the elements. 

Vastu had, has and have its own prominence in the matter of architecture. Its origin was marked since 6000 BC. It is considered as an important factor for any kind of construction. Each and every corner is not just placed because it is suitable. It is because of vastu and then comes the comfort. That importance of vastu starts from the main door to the placing of cash on the money draw is fixed with vastu. It is believed that following proper home directions as per vastu doesn’t cause any negative energy into the house. With all the positive energy, people in the house gain peace and prosperity. It is also considered as one the famous 64 ancient arts of India and it is called the Vastu Vidya which means the art of engineering.

Know the directions

Directions play crucial role in vastu. Precise knowledge of directions and vastu helps in proper structuring. Vastu is known as the very ancient science of the Indian architecture which is composed of specific directions, rules and regulations which are must to follow. First let’s know the number of direction and then discuss the auspicious home directions as per vastu.

Home directions as per vastu
Perfection of a house is defined by Vastu Principles!

The directions in architecture are ten in number. They are divided into two types: The main direction and the sub directions. The main directions are North, South, East and West whereas the sub-directions are North-east (Isham), South- east (Agneya), South west (Nirutya) and North west (Vyaya) and the ninth and tenth directions are called the space and pretal respectively.

Auspicious directions for a house

Vastu when meant as auspicious and is strictly followed by the individuals, it is not followed just blindly. It is meant as an important aspect in architecture. Following the right home directions as per vastu gives you all a happy home. This vastu science adds value to one’s life and brings health, wealth, peace and prosperity by involving Panch Mahabhut. There are few directions to follow with which we can acquire a happy home. The most auspicious directions are the east, north and northeast, west is positive for the youth. And southeast is inauspicious.

To know about bedroom vastu as well, read tips to fine tune your bedroom as per vastu.

Importance of making a vastu compliant house

This tremendously updating technology is aiding people from different walks of life to experience the new unique inventions and the stunning applied sciences. Whatever the stage of development is gained and dwell in this transforming technology, belief in the old morals and values will not change. One best example is this vastu science. A home direction as per vastu is always prominent in the structuring of any house.

Panch mahabhut- Home directions as per Vastu
House build by balanced Panch Mahabhut sees prosperity for generations!!

Following this style of architecture and home directions as per vastu  makes it a happy home is what is believed and is followed too. How much ever luxuries are possessed by individuals, to acquire a happy home and make their life complete,  a house is to be built by balancing all the Panch Mahabhut’s and see generation of prosperity in a house and amongst its people.

This vastu science adds value to one’s life and brings health, wealth, peace and prosperity. Follow this for your own house structuring and gain success and make your life complete.


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