End to End Servicing and its Importance – Houseey Servicing Model

Over the years, the real estate sector has grown rapidly with urbanization. With rising demands for properties all over India, affordable housing projects are coming up to cope up with the ever-increasing demand. There are numerous real estate developers who have set base in some of the developing cities across the country. Residents are now gradually transitioning from living as tenants to real-time homeowners. Realtors have seized on such opportunities and have created some of the most stunning architectures the country has to offer. Now the question arises, how does one know or prioritize his residential requirements. With prior consultations with family and friends, residents are often confused because of diverse perspectives that are put on the table. To go through a smooth process from visiting the site till the final closure of the property, residents would clearly expect top-draw consultation services.

Understanding customer’s perspective

Here is where Houseey comes into the picture. We at Houseey have partnered with some of the finest real estate property developers across developing cities in India. With utmost conviction and dedication, our team strives to provide the best possible realty services to residents and potential investors. We understand that looking for a property from the conceptualization phase can be quite tedious. To complement that, we work as a team to guide residents towards the most profitable options for a fulfilling future. We schedule periodic site visits for interested clients as a real-time experience of amenities, floor plans, overall property development, and project specifications is as crucial as any other factor.

                                                                           Real Estate Consultation Services

Recognizing priorities and implementing them- The Houseey way

Real estate investment decisions are often coined as risky. As these are long-term in nature, residents are often submissive in their behavior as they wouldn’t have to end up in risky situations. We at Houseey fill in those shoes by providing impeccable realty services so customers are pretty much relaxed during their property endeavor. Understanding the customers perspective of looking at real estate investments are as crucial as any other aspect that determines customer purchase behavior. With a dedicated team, we strive towards customer delight like no other. We do believe in sharing our expertise with the customers to establish long-standing relationships with key clients for future business prospects. A step-by-step instruction from contacting us until the final purchase gives a sense of belief and confidence which is essential for a successful property purchase decision.

Working towards a hassle-free financial journey

Coming to the financial aspect of investment, it’s quite obvious that residents would expect affordable home loans and attractive rates of interest. To make things simpler, Houseey has tied up with reputed banks that offer home loans as per total principal property amount. Customers are contacted and followed up on a regular basis to understand budget criteria and assisted with affordable housing options. Once the customer has successfully booked or registered under his name, the team at Houseey are sure to provide the invoice and the booking confirmation letter to prospective investors.

Why wait when you can get that much closer to your dream home with Houseey. With a diverse real estate portfolio, Houseey is sure to cater to your residential needs with total confidence. Call us to know more!



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