Electronic City: Is It a Good Place to Live?

Are you looking to move to India? Are you searching for the best areas to live in? Then you need to include Electronic City or “E-City” in your shortlist.

Located in Bangalore, Electronic City is one of India’s biggest information technology and electronic hubs. It features 320 acres of land divided into four phases.

Since its conception in the 1970s, Electronic City continues to grow in many aspects. Apart from housing big guns in the IT world, it also makes room for new developments such as real estate.

But the question is are these enough reasons to consider moving and living in E-City?

Continue reading below to find out the things this massive Bangalore tech hub has to offer.

The Best Reasons to Consider Living in the E-City

Moving to a new place may leave some people apprehensive. But if the place you are transferring to comes with numerous advantages, the transition becomes easier and faster. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why living in Electronic City is worth it.

Good Schools Abound

Do you have a family to bring with you? Then worry not as E-City boasts of quality educational institutions in Bangalore. There are the Ebenezer International School, the Treamis World School, and the VIBGYOR High School.

If you want something more affordable, there is the NET Public School. Another is the Blue Bell Public High School. The institution uses the teaching methods and materials of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Crime Rates are Down

For people living outside of India, it is normal to have this notion that the country’s crime rate is terrible. However, you can classify Electronic City as relatively safe at the very least.

In 2018, Bangalore’s crime rate went down. This also led to an increase in the number of detentions. The police force attributes this development to their energetic young officers.

Furthermore, it is one of the safest cities in India, especially for women. Electronic City features buses from the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) that accommodate only female passengers.

The buses offer trips between Electronic City and Central Board Walk. This is crucial for women who commute to and from work especially at night.

Home to Tech Giants

As we mentioned earlier, the E-City houses some of the giants in the tech and IT industries. There are over 200 different IT companies in the city. These include Tech Mahindra, Bosch, Tata Consultancy Services, and General Electric.

It also houses offices of Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Infosys, Wipro, and Deutsche Bank. With the presence of these multinational giants, come numerous career opportunities. If you are not relocating to Electronic City because of a job assignment, it will not be hard for you to find employment in the area.

Superb Connectivity and Transportation

Another great advantage of living in the E-City is its remarkable connectivity. With its location off Hosur Road, Electronic City enjoys access to Bengaluru City. It features an elevated expressway that runs 10km long.

Moreover, it is 9km away from the Silk Board Junction, linking you to Madiwala. There are also connections to the NICE Road as well as the Bannerghatta Road.

When it comes to airport access, the BMTC can take you to the Kempegowda International Airport. But if you wish to take the train, the BMTC can also take you to the Bangalore City Junction Railway Station. This is 24km away.

In case you’re thinking about the traffic, Electronic City is proactive when it comes to traffic management. Yes, peak hours can sometimes be hellish. No thanks to the 7,500 cars and 7,000 two-wheelers that run to and from the city.

However, the city’s traffic police always find ways to ease traffic.

Social Amenities

If you think living in Electronic City is all about work-home-work, then you are mistaken. The city is full of social amenities that will cover your family’s needs. Apart from high-rise offices, E-City is also home to restaurants and department stores.

You can also enjoy topnotch medical services through some excellent hospitals in and around the city. These include Springleaf Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and the Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences.

Additionally, air quality in E-City is well within satisfactory levels. This is notable considering all the buildings and infrastructure in the city.

Tips for Electronic City Living

It is important to note that Electronic City is no perfect city. It does come with challenges. Thus, you need to learn some tips and tricks to maximize your stay in the city. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

For Bachelors

If you are still a bachelor, consider renting a 2BHK then share a room with another person. This is more sensible compared to renting a 1BHK and having the place all for you.

But if you can find a 4BHK property, you can split the rent with three others and reduce your monthly rent.

If there is another type of expense that will take most of your budget, it is food. Thus, consider cooking at home instead of eating out.

Not only will cooking save you more money, but it will also help you stay healthy. You will have more control over what you eat and the ingredients that you use. Additionally, it will develop your survival skills.

Lastly, consider renting a place close to your office. This will reduce your commute time and save you from all the traffic.

For Families

If you are moving to E-City with your family, consider a place that is close to your child’s school, as well as your office. When searching for properties, conduct your research and due diligence before renting.

Go for a development that offers all the key amenities your family needs.

Let’s Find You That Perfect Place

Moving to Electronic City is an exciting endeavor. Though it comes with the usual challenges, finding the right place will make your transition an easier one. And if you’re ready to begin your search, we can point you in the right direction.

Our development offers high-quality luxury apartments in different sizes. Check out our guides for amenities, floor plans, and specifications. Let’s find that perfect place you deserve, today!

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