Documentation for registration of your house

Most of you might have a dream of buying a house. Buying a house is one of the major financial decisions that anyone can take in his or her entire lifetime. So, it’s useless to say that you must know all the rules and regulations along with the entire procedure necessary to register your property in your name.

Many of you might have lots of questions regarding the registration process and how to go about it. The registration process has been quite simplified these days due to the online portal system. However, the registration process differs slightly for a newly purchased property from a developer and a property which has been put for resale and involves the transfer of the property owner’s name. In such cases, a stamp duty and a registration of transfer deed might be necessary to complete the entire procedure.

So, here we have listed out the entire documentation process that is needed for registration of your house:

  • Getting Sale Deed

This is one of the most important papers in the entire procedure. This needs to be shown in original, as it is the proof that you are the rightful owner of the property. You will have to register the sale deed in the Sub-Registrar’s Office in the area where your property is located.

  • Title Deed

This document should be shown by the builder to you in original as a proof that he has full rights over the property. It will also clarify if there is any litigation involved in the process.

  • Ask for Commencement Certificate

A Commencement certificate can be received from the local authorities. This will help you confirm that the builder is legally allowed to continue with the construction process.

  • Khata Certificate

Khata certificate is an important document necessary during the registration process of your property. This document acts as a proof that the local municipal has details of the particular property. It can also be of help if you plan to sell your property in the near future. Moreover, banks may ask for producing this document before approving your loan.

  • Power of Attorney

This is an important legal document which ensures that the sale or purchase of a property is being done on behalf of another person who is authorized for the work.

  • No Objection Certificate

A developer needs to provide you with a No Objection Certificate. This certificate is a proof that local administrative authorities do not have any kind of problem with the construction of the particular project.

  • Stamp Paper and Registration

The stamp duty needs to be paid and the stamp papers need to be prepared before the registration process begins. Also, you need to complete the payment before the registration process begins.

Hence, before you plan to buy a house, just make sure that you do proper research and know all the details regarding the registration procedure and the buying procedure of your selected property.

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