Desire to Work Abroad? Make Sure you Check These Boxes

We have noticed that the real estate market has taken the world by storm. Residents are inclined to relocate to other profitable countries around the world who are providing employment opportunities in the real estate sector. With the boom in the social infrastructure sector, the property market is certain to provide high paying jobs which are in line with industry standards and customer expectations. Countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia are witnessing tremendous growth in the real estate market which has eventually resulted in residents flocking from other parts of the world for varied benefits. However, in order to have a smooth transition, the Indian Government has come up with rules and regulations that would enable Indian citizens to capitalize on key opportunities for a successful career endeavor. Let’s now look at some pointers that might help residents plan their future better!

If you plan to fly abroad to the below mentioned 18 countries for an employment opportunity, please take care of the following pre-requisites.

Are you aware of the new policy of E-registration that is made compulsory from 2019!!

Many people aspire to go abroad for job opportunities to lead a quality lifestyle along with good pay. The Government of India ensures that citizens seeking employment abroad are safe and abide by the terms and conditions before they fly. If you are one of the desired candidates wishing to have your job in these 18 countries, know about the rules and regulations laid by the Indian Government for a smooth progression.

This New year is making a grand entry along with the brand-new directive “The E-registration policy” that is made mandatory for Passport holders with “non-Emigration Check Required (non-ECR)” status. The non-ECR candidates include taxpaying Indian citizens qualified above matriculation. These candidates have to get themselves registered with the Ministry of External Affairs before opting for the jobs offered abroad in these 18 countries which include 6 Gulf countries on the list. The rules will be effective from January 2019.

18 countries listed by India which require e-registration are Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Sudan, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen Thailand, and UAE.

This policy has been devised primarily for safeguarding the interest of Indian workers abroad. Even beyond the ECR status, it becomes important for the Indian government to protect the interest of several vulnerable workers. E-registration is been implemented to protect untrained blue-collar workers and unskilled job seekers from misuse, contract replacement, and human trading.

The study of the recent trend

E-registration policy makes sure that the highly qualified candidates do not land up in the blue-collar jobs. According to the statistics approximately 1.5 lakh Indians had taken up employment at various regions surrounding UAE last year. Followed by Saudi Arabia 78,611; Kuwait (56,380); Oman (43,332) and Qatar (24,759).

According to the census, most labor-sending states of India include Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Rajasthan which has been prominent for quite a while now. This adds on to overall development as Indian who relocate to such areas can have a global exposure and contribute to their own families back home as far as funding is concerned.

Things to know in order to avoid critical situations

Candidates who are interested in working in the above-mentioned countries for employment benefits should register themselves with the E-registration policy, the government of India initiative.
Till date, only ECR passport holders were registering themselves to get the emigration clearance from the office of the Protector of Emigrants to hunt for employment abroad. Those who fail to register with E-registration policy will be off-loaded at the respective airports prohibiting the migration.

Points to be kept in mind before registering with the E-Registration policy

Note: there shall be no change in the rules for the visa categories aspirants
Applicants can enroll themselves till 24 hours prior to actual departure to avoid the mistakes.
Candidates shall register in website
For more details contact toll-free number 1800113090 or contact
Job aspirants can also contact Pravasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra, India.
Make sure you register yourself with the Government’s E-registration policy to relish an uncomplicated job hunt.

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