Carbon Emission Detrimental to Eco-Friendly Ways of Living

Majority of the metropolitan cities in India are witnessing a phenomenal rise in residential structures. To curb this demand, property developers are coming up with affordable strategies to cater to specific requirements. However, by amending strategies and curating premier residential infrastructures in order to release excess inventory, the environment is being drastically affected. With sudden climate changes, conserving the eco-system has become tricky and difficult. This has resulted in less green cover and an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. According to the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), India is witnessing 1.5-degree rise in temperature because of industries wide-spread across prominent operational sectors. Experts forecast that these changes can adversely affect the climate and the nation could be facing frequent natural disasters by 2050.

Social and Civic infrastructure development adding to existing woes

For instance, construction of over-bridges, elevated corridors for better connectivity is going to impact the environment in a major way. Not only in Bangalore, which is renowned as the Garden City of the nation, but the rest of the metropolitan cities are also being affected in the same way. As a matter of fact, we as responsible residents are occupying residential spaces that use most of the potable water for construction. This would eventually lead to depletion of natural water sources and wastage of renewable sources of energy. Poor drainage systems are polluting our lakes that cause harmful environmental effects. In fact, the utilization of fossil fuels, harmful chemicals and paints can collectively seep into the water underground and cause pollution.

Contribution by realtors to enhance sustainable and eco-friendly structures

On the contrary, strategies implemented by property developers are encouraging. Construction of green buildings, effective utilization of water, organic ways of garbage disposal and systematic sewage treatment are reducing the impact significantly. Also, prominent realtors are incorporating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategies to stress on the importance of conserving the environment. With events and forums conducted to emphasize how crucial it is to maintain a balance in biodiversity, local residents are working together as a community for favorable living conditions.

Green Buildings- How are they contributing to enhancing eco-system conservation?

Property developers who are opting to construct green residential structures are effectively playing their part in preserving the environment. These structures that require raw materials are synthetically manufactured and are sustainable and durable in nature. Experts claim that sustainable structures are still at the initiation stage. Promoting such infrastructures is certain to spread awareness and help other prestigious developers employ such strategies for a better future for the real estate market in India. Inclusion of features like solar panels and rainwater harvesting can effectively recycle renewable resources that can be utilized for other activities like gardening.

Initiatives to plant more trees and make the country greener

While real estate developers are doing their part in establishing ground rules to save the environment, we as responsible citizens can devise strategies to save the eco-system. The first aspect would be to plant more trees. Planting them would help absorb the majority of carbon emission and help convert these gases into oxygen. Also, more trees would mean more rainfall which can help conserve water for everyday use. Secondly, minimizing the utilization of fossil-fuel run vehicles and using public transportation can cater to saving sudden climate changes. This wouldn’t be possible without the collective effort by individual residents and renowned developers.

To conclude, the essence of constructive investment decisions primarily would depend on how the environment pans out. Working together would uplift community togetherness and contribute to social cause in a prime way. Protect the environment for a glorious lifestyle!

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