7 Tips To Fine Tune Your Bedroom As Per VASTU

The smallest of the things sometimes can turn your fortunes around. If only a little tweak and twist to a couple of things in and around the corner of your house can bring in the positive energies, then what is the harm?

If you wake up with nightmares or have trouble sleeping? If you get up woozy in the morning or the most important for young couples if your love life is not going smooth. It is the time you address your bedroom as per Vastu and see what is brewing in your room that needs your attention.

Fine tune your bedrooms and see the change in your life.

No bedroom in the South-East direction. Vastu strictly stands against this. It is best to shift from this room. And, if no choice, then keep your bed away from the south-east corner else you will be sleeping on too much fire. To ward off the ill-effects sleep in such room with head towards South and feet towards North direction. Sleeping South ensures long life and brings good deep sleep, while East brings enlightenment. Bedroom as per Vastu should have No window behind you while sleeping.

Placing of bed in your room can do wonders for you.

Your bed should be placed on the southwest wall and at least 4 inches away from the walls. Geopathic stress drains your energy and affects your health. No beams should be crossing over the bed. If it exists, proper rectification should be done to avoid ill effects on health. The bed should be made of wood and those wrought iron beds should be avoided.

Prefer wooden beds for bedroom as per Vastu
Wooden Beds are good for Bedrooms, Says Vastu!

Remove any clutter under your bed. Keep it organized if you have to use this area for storage. It is important to be conscious of what you have stored there. As per Vastu, your subconscious and sleep quality is affected when you store items under your bed. Items that are life affirming and peaceful can be kept there.

Mirrors reflect back all, be it positive or negative.

Mirrors in the bedroom lead to frequent quarrels and misunderstandings between couples. Also, mirrors in front of your bed catch stress and reflect it back to you. Therefore. It is not good to have mirrors in bedrooms. However, if necessary, preferably place them on the North-East wall of your bedroom. Instead of mirrors, you can decorate your walls with attractive paintings and hangings that will bring pleasure when you see them in the morning.

bedroom as per Vast should not have mirrors
No mirrors in bedroom relieves your stress!

Bedroom as per Vastu says to avoid beds in the center of the room. Since bedrooms normally have heavy objects like the bed, cupboard etc. these should be positioned in the south-west, west or south direction. The correct position of furniture in the bedroom makes you feel at home. Also, the beds should not be in front of the bedroom doors and the doors should not make those creaking noise.

Colors impact feelings and moods.

The colors in the bedroom not only brighten the room but also affect our mood health and happiness. The color for bedrooms in south west direction can be any shade from the family of earthen colors like the shades of almond, brown or any earthy tone.

Fragrance affect spontaneous brain activities.

Fragrances and aromas in the bedroom are a powerful way to uplift your mood and spirit. Keep a check on that your room always smells fresh and nice. Use diffuser, aromatic candles and potpourri in your bedroom. Refreshing jasmine and lavender fragrances also open up the newness.

All said and done, Vastu teaches you to live in harmony with nature. It is a science of building and designing homes as per the eternal laws of nature. Therefore, tweak your bedroom a little, reminiscing the above pointers and influence nature to work towards your good.

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