5 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger!

No matter in what style you decorate your little bathroom, it will remain small. A small bathroom generally feels depressing and claustrophobic. But, with some visual magic, you can make your small bathroom look bigger. What you can do is give your little bath a sophisticated, charming, intimate and cozy retreat.

Here is how to make your small bathroom look bigger…

Bright is right: Add extra lighting to your bathroom, it will open up the look and add interest. Lights on the ceiling spread more and give a feeling of bigger space.

make your small bathroom look bigger
Bright colors give a feeling of tranquility!

Colors add serenity: When it is the bathroom, a big NO to strong, dark and exciting colors. Soft and light colors give the illusion of big space. Use bright colors for accessories, but pick white, neutral and pastel tones for backgrounds. Just like the walls, you can also open up your floors with light colors. “Cool” colors give a feeling of calmness and make your small bathroom look bigger.

Mirror, Mirror on the walls: If it has space to hold it, then mirrors on the wall can make your bath look like a little hall. Place the larger mirror in the bath sink this will reflect the light all over in the room giving a sense of bigger space and will also pick up the pattern and colors.

make your small bathroom look bigger
Mirror gives a sense of bigger space!

Make room where your eyes go: Furniture and accessories shrink the space of your already small bathroom. Remove all decorative accessories, wall shelves, or hanging racks on the walls. Of course, for comfort and their usefulness you need some of them, try other ways to supply that space because your bath feels spacious without them.

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Add depth to your bath walls: If you have an artistic skill consider painting a decorative mural on the largest wall of your bathroom. Or else, you can hang a picture of a garden or beautiful horizon that looks like a window. These expand the look of your space. Any piece of art or frame that shows an outdoor scene help enlarge the feeling of the room.

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean that it has to be boring and dull. To make your small bathroom look bigger show off your color and style sense and give it a warm retreat.

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